The Anointed Fuller Gospel Singers Official Biography

The Anointed Fuller Gospel Singers are the daughter, granddaughters and great- granddaughters of the Late Pastor Rachael Catherine Hill Fuller and the late Deacon Lawrence Fuller, Sr., of Riceboro, GA. The original members, Arleen, Karen, Ernestine and Eleanor Fuller, are the four oldest daughters of the late Pastor Lawrence Fuller, Jr., and Pastor Daveola Fuller. When they were younger, they were known as the Fuller Sisters. They began singing at an early age in the late 60’s in their father’s church. Their oldest daughter, Arleen, wrote most of the songs they sung.

In 1981, their mother began singing with them and they changed their name to the Fuller Gospel Singers. In 1986, their youngest sister, Katrina, began singing with them at the age of 9. Arleen, who is the oldest was 26. In 1992, Arleen’s oldest daughter, Soneisha Mobley, began singing with them at the age of 12.

Even though they had been singing for years, they never celebrated an anniversary. On the third Sunday on March 17, 1996, they celebrated their first anniversary. During these early years they had sung without music. In 1997, Elder Alfred Brown began playing rhythm guitar. In 1998, David Thornton began playing bass guitar for the group. In 1999, David Thornton and Arleen Fuller were married. (They divorced in February 2008). That is also the year the group changed their style and became female quartet singers. Arleen Fuller is a 2-time survivor of domestic violence. Quartet is what helped her to overcome depression. Since quartet was dominated by males, she set out to become one of the greatest female quartet groups ever. In 2000, Ronald Mobley, Jr., the youngest child of Arleen, began playing drums at the age of 15, without any lessons. In 2000, Anteron Norman, Sr., the then husband of Soneisha, began singing as a special guest singer.

On March 17, 2002 they debuted their first CD, “Blessing in the Rain.” Also, on March 17, 2002, their name was changed to the Anointed Fuller Gospel Singers, because the anointing destroys the yoke. In 2004, Anteron began playing keyboard for the group. Their motto is “The family that prays together, stays together.” In 2004 they won AM 1230 WSOK Award for their CD as number one in traditional quartets. In 2005 they were nominated for a People’s Choice Award at AM 1230 WSOK, and their drummer, Ronald Mobley, Jr. was nominated as drummer of the year. They have sung with many national recording artists including, Paul Beasley and the Original Gospel Keynotes of Tyler, Texas, The Original Drifters of California, The Five Blind Boys of Alabama, The Mighty Clouds of Joy of Los Angeles, CA, The Swanee Quintet of Augusta, GA., Lil Blair and the Violinaires of Detroit, Michigan, Tommy Ellison and the Five Singing Stars of Brooklyn, New York, The New Gospel Keynotes of Tyler, Texas, and many more. They have sung in Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. They have sung at homeless shelters, Holiday events, nursing homes, family reunions, book club meetings, funerals, weddings, revivals, and any where there is an opportunity.

On March 19, 2006 they debut heir latest CD, “Get on Board”. The title song and number one song, “I believe God will do it”, was written by Ronald “Ronnie” Mobley, Jr., the son of Arleen and their drummer. In April of 2008, two months after Arleen was divorced, she went to West Africa on one of her mission trips. While there, she contracted Malaria and became deathly ill. She ended up losing everything, including her entertainment company and had to learn how to do everything all over again. They have sung a few times over the past 12 years, but now they are ready to relaunch and come back as the Legendary Anointed Fuller Gospel Singers, and they are anointed for Warfare. They will be recording some of the best of their songs, so get ready!!!!